Holidaze Sauce


I’ve never subscribed to an organized religion, nor am I rampantly atheist. I can understand the rationale behind why people would be interested in or committed to either seemingly polarized set of ideals and don’t really mind which camp people do or don’t belong to. I also accept that this makes me less than palatable to some people.

If people take a moment to say “God bless,” or “Merry Christmas,” or “Happy holidays, or “Have a killer day,” I’m grateful that they’re choosing to be amiable. These are moments of humanity among humans, not conversion tactics and certainly not wartime proclamations. The fact that anyone can CHOOSE to say something that they believe to be coming from a place of love, in a world too often hateful, I choose to be thankful for small kindnesses.

Life’s too damn short to be caught up in minutiae that makes us certain others are cruel and out to get us at every turn. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt–which sometimes proves to foolish, as I’ve been taken advantage of more times than I’d like to admit. It’s my life choice, and survival tactic in a world too heavily laden with cruelty, deception, and fear.

Rock on.


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